30 MARCH 2018

From:  Fleet Admiral, Legacy Fleet


Subj:  Legacy Fleet Charter


Ref:  (a)  LEGACYFLTINST 2100, Legacy Fleet Policies


1.  PURPOSE.  To promulgate the Legacy Fleet Charter to be used for the administration of Legacy Fleet, an organization for the game Star Citizen.

2.  CANCELLATION.  This document retires the previous Legacy Fleet / Legacy Gaming Charter (undated).

3.  LEGACY FLEET MISSION.  To become the most effective mercenary organization in the Star Citizen Persistent Universe (PU), providing a stable environment for both combat and non-combat pilots to prosper.

4.  COMMUNITY VISION.  Legacy Fleet, as a community, is one of mutual respect, openness, camaraderie, and lack of drama. Members treat one another with civility, and constructively give and receive criticism, respecting other points of view on issues. Members are able to speak their mind on any fleet matter without fear of reprisal, and trust the fleet’s ability to collectively make unbiased decisions in the best interests of the group and its members.

5.  ORGANIZATION.  Legacy Fleet’s organization is simple, and focused on efficiency to allow players to spend as much of their time in-game as possible.

5.1  Management.  Authority within Legacy Fleet is generally informal, with the player spearheading a plan or task responsible for gaining consensus from the members and implementing the tasks. In the event of a disagreement, the Fleet Admiral or a designated representative will make the final call.

5.2  Administration.  This includes out-of-game development and maintenance of the organization and its resources, including recruitment, training, records, etc. Generally, administrative tasks are simplified or automated wherever possible, and split among volunteer members when necessary.

5.2.1  Teams.  To help focus administration into specific categories, the Fleet Admiral or his designated representative may create “teams” to help coordinate communication, resources, and access necessary for those teams to accomplish their tasks.

5.3  Ranks.  Ranks confer out-of-game authority over Legacy Fleet resources and administration only, and do not necessarily imply the ability to order other players directly, especially in-game.

5.3.1  Fleet Admiral.  The Fleet Admiral’s only purpose is to provide guidance or exercise final authority in the event that consensus over a decision is disputed. He or she may delegate authority to another member if he or she believes that member has better understanding or perspective of the situation, or may create a “Board of Directors” to handle complex decisions. In all cases, the Fleet Admiral will act as a final decision-maker for all deadlocks within the fleet.  Appointment. As a continuation of his prior Admiral role, Grey will begin as Fleet Admiral of Legacy Fleet.

5.3.2  Officer.  Officers are members who devote time toward helping with Legacy Fleet’s administration and are considered to have the authority and ability to act on behalf of the organization with regard to their specific area (see “Teams”, above).  Titles.  Participation in administrative teams (out-of-game) and qualifications for operational leadership doctrines (in-game) will often confer titles, such as “recruiter”,“trainer”, “flight lead”, “controller”, etc. These are aimed at recognizing member achievements and helping members identify leaders in a particular area.

5.3.3  Member.  Members are fully indoctrinated players within Legacy Fleet and are considered to have the full trust and confidence of the group.

5.3.4  Recruit.  Recruits are players who have completed the initial portion of the recruitment process and are awaiting upgrade to full membership.

5.3.5  Applicant.  Applicants are players who have filled out an application but have not completed any further portions of the recruitment process.

6.  EVENTS.  Events are in-game fleet activities, planned and executed by the individual organizing the event, with the help of other members as appropriate.

6.1  Creation.  Any member can create an event, at which point that member will be designated as the “event lead”, unless he hands it off to another willing member. For in-game combat action, the “event lead” is also called the “mission lead”. The Fleet Admiral (or his designated representative) maintains veto authority of events deemed inappropriate or strategically damaging.

6.2  Authority.  Authority during in-game events is often more rigid than out-of-game interactions between members, due to the need for combat effectiveness, but there are exceptions. Authority for planning and organizing the event lies with the event lead.

6.3  Qualifications.  Often, certain events will be organized by the event lead using member qualifications and availability. Qualifications are a product of the training team and are earned in a documented process, rather than simply given based on seniority or favoritism.

7.  BEHAVIORAL STANDARDS.  Legacy Fleet exercises a strict, common sense-based set of behavioral standards on its members. Violation of any standards may result in removal from Legacy Fleet.  

7.1  Zero Tolerance Standards.  Hate speech, racism, misogyny or homophobic statements, on any platform (including those not owned by Legacy Fleet), will result in immediate removal and banning from Legacy Fleet.

7.2  Prohibited Topics.  Discussion or posting of content related to religion or politics are not appropriate within Legacy Fleet at any time.

7.3  Drama.  Legacy Fleet aspires to prevent internally and externally-generated drama. Members are required to be proactive and assertive to prevent drama from happening, and to seek help from Legacy Fleet leadership when it occurs or is about to occur.

7.4  Disparagement.  Legacy Fleet culturally and by policy does not accept the outright disparaging of others, including members, other players, groups, and gaming companies, such as Cloud Imperium Games. Disparagement includes, but is not limited to, disrespecting, degrading, “trolling”, “flaming”, “baiting”, “doxxing”, or personal (ad hominem) attacks on others. This behavior is not permitted on any platform (including those not owned by Legacy Fleet).

7.5  Judgment. The list above does not include every possible behavior that is not permitted within Legacy Fleet. Members are required to use their own judgment and “be adults” when determining if something they are about to say or do could violate Legacy Fleet’s cultural standards or damage its reputation.

7.6  Policies.  More specific and detailed behavioral standards can be found in Legacy Fleet Policies (Reference A).

Fleet Admiral Grey, Legacy Fleet