30 MARCH 2018

From:  Fleet Admiral, Legacy Fleet


Subj:  Legacy Fleet Policies


Ref:  (a)  LEGACYFLTINST 1000, Legacy Fleet Charter


1.  PURPOSE.  To promulgate the Legacy Fleet Policies to be used within Legacy Fleet, an organization for the game Star Citizen.

2.  CANCELLATION.  This document retires the previous Legacy Fleet Policies and Recruitment FAQ (undated).

3.  POLICY IMPLEMENTATION.  Legacy Fleet policies reflect the cultural, security, and effectiveness values needs of the Fleet collectively. Violation of Legacy Fleet policies is grounds for revocation of access and, in some cases, removal from Legacy Fleet. This document is the only warning, and there is no adjudication process.

4.  CHARTER ADHERENCE.  All applicants, recruits, and members are required to read, maintain familiarity with, and adhere to the Legacy Fleet Charter (Reference A), particularly section 7, "Behavioral Standards". Failure to comply may result in removal from Legacy Fleet without adjudication; not being familiar with the policy is not an acceptable excuse.

4.1.  Internal DiscussionsPertinent to sections 7.3 and 7.4 of the Charter, any internal discussions (particularly those critical of external parties, e.g. other organizations), should be kept private.

5.  MULTI-ORG POLICY.  Legacy Fleet is an "exclusive" organization.

5.1.  Affiliates.  All affiliations must be pre-approved before joining. Applicants must drop non-approved affiliates before they can be granted "recruit" status. Recruits and members are prohibited from joining new organizations as affiliates unless approved, and they can apply to have a an organization added to the "white list".

5.2.  Main Org.  Legacy Fleet must be set as the "main org" for all recruits and members, and be set to "visible", unless otherwise directed.

6.  NO PIRACY POLICY.  We are not a piracy organization, and do not allow members to be outright pirates. Members
caught blatantly performing acts of unapproved piracy will be removed from Legacy Fleet. Why? In order for our members to be able to play in an organized fashion, we need contracts. Getting contracts from other player organizations necessitates a trustworthy image for Legacy - we are not trolls, we are not griefers, and we do not randomly pirate potential clients! If you sully Legacy Fleet's reputation in an incredibly political game, you will damage the ability of the majority of our members to have fun, and you 
damage our organization's in-game financial well-being. We'll allow members to do bounty-hunting, security work, legal “privateering,” trading, salvage, and anything one of our contracts or in-house activities involves... but standard piracy in your "free time" is right-out.

6.1.  Exception.  This policy is not enforced during alpha testing, though, under no circumstances are Legacy Fleet members permitted to "grief" other players, regardless of game testing status.

7.  LEADERBOARD POLICY.  Legacy Fleet has collectively opted-out of the leaderboard since 2015.

7.1.  Opt-out.  Applicants must opt out from the leaderboard before they can be granted "recruit" status. All recruits and members must maintain their "opt-out" status until this policy is rescinded.

8.  MODERATOR ACTION POLICY.  Legacy Fleet prides itself on positive relationships with Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) and the Star Citizen community at large. Actions which lead to probation or a ban on spectrum or any other Star Citizen community resource will be reviewed for potential disciplinary action. Applicants should disclose prior history, if any, and provide context for the circumstances of their probation or ban.  

9.  COMPLETE RECRUIT TRAINING. Applicants are required to complete an interview before obtaining recruit status. After the interview, recruits will have three weeks to complete recruit training, along with other requirements, after which they are eligible for promotion to full member. A comprehensive checklist from application to full membership is available to ensure all requirements are met. Failure to complete any requirements may result in the recruitment team declining your application.

Fleet Admiral Grey, Legacy Fleet