1. Read our consolidated policy document.

2. Apply using this form. You should receive an email with your application to confirm that you submitted it correctly.

3. Join us on Discord and ask any questions that you might have.

  • When you are ready, mark yourself as "interested" using the reaction at the bottom of the #entry channel. This will give you access to our recruitment section.

4. Post your availability for an interview in the #recruitment channel on the Discord server. 

  • Be sure to include the days/times available as well as your timezone! (e.g. "I'm available tomorrow, Tuesday and Thursday any time between 1900 and 2300 EST".)

  • Use an "@Recruiters" tag to push a notification to all recruiters


5. Review the policy document before your interview.


6. After your interview, your recruiter will confer with leadership to determine whether Legacy Fleet is the right fit for you. You should receive word on their determination within three days. 

  • Your recruiter will direct message you in Discord and will give you a "recruit" tag.

7. Apply to the Legacy Fleet RSI Organization if you haven't already been invited.

  • Set the "Membership" field to visible (mandatory).

  • Set Legacy Fleet as your main organization (mandatory - “My RSI” -> “My Account” -> “Organizations”).

  • Remove all other unapproved organizations (contact your recruiter with questions).

  • Apply to add affiliate organizations to our list as desired.

8. Opt out of the leaderboard tracking as per the leaderboard policy.

  • The option for this is located on the RSI website in your personal “My RSI” -> “My Account” -> “Settings” -> “Opt-out Leaderboards” - set to “Yes”.


9. Set your region on Discord (Europe = EU, North America = NA, Australia = AU, etc) so that we can coordinate events easier with you. 

  • We will set your server nickname to reflect this and will only be visible within the LF discord

  • Drop you location into the #temp-region-channel in discord so we can update your nickname

10. Complete Recruit Training within three weeks of attaining recruit status.

  • You should receive instructions on accessing recruit training. Recruit training includes a quiz, which is required prior to scheduling training. Do not attempt to schedule training before first completing the quiz. If you did not receive instructions, contact your recruiter.

  • Go to the #scheduling channel, tag the trainers with "@trainers" and post your availability for the next week, including dates, times, and timezone

  • The above is generally how all training is scheduled.

  • You MUST complete recruit training within three weeks, and it is your responsibility to schedule it; the trainers are not responsible for tracking you down! Be proactive.

  • All follow-on training is optional, but there are plenty of opportunities available.

  • Don't forget to log your training so that you get credit for it!


11. Continue to follow Legacy Fleet's "Golden Rules":

  • Drama, zero tolerance. If you create any, you are out, no exceptions.

  • Maintain respect - no racial slurs, misogyny, homophobia, etc.

  • Do not break any kind of NDA. This includes games we do and do not participate in.

  • Moderator action on Spectrum or any other medium is grounds for dismissal from Legacy Fleet and Legacy Gaming Community, regardless of circumstances

  • Legacy Fleet must be your "main" org, be "visible" and you may only have approved affiliations.


​12. After three weeks, if you have completed recruit training and followed the Golden Rules, your application will receive a final evaluation by Legacy Fleet leadership.

  • Legacy Fleet may still decline your application based on our experience with you and whether those who have interacted with you think that your personality aligns with our playerbase.

  • Likewise, up to this point, you may also leave at any time if you do not believe Legacy Fleet meets what you are looking for in an organization; we won't take it personally!

  • You will be notified by your recruiter or another officer of your promotion to full member.